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Travis spends time in Doha at ASPETAR Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Hospital

Travis was fortunate to spend some time at ASPETAR Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Hospital in Doha, Qatar (FIFA accredited hospital and rehabilitation institute and listed as the best sports medicine hospital in the world).  It has incredible facilities with a full sized indoor soccer pitch, athletics, volleyball, futsal, handball stadiums and swimming pool attached to the hospital.

ASPETAR is on the cutting edge with sports, orthopaedic surgery and rehabilitation.

Well done Trav!

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Ladies from our Women's Health team attending the 25th National Conference on Incontinence

Our Women's Health team recently attended the 25th National Conference on incontinence in Adelaide

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           Emma Boucher, Natalie Bull, Judith Thompson and Chloe Serrao

We welcome Georgia Sudlow to our Body Logic team comencing Tuesday 4th October 2016

Georgia is joining our Women's & Men's Health team at our Shenton Park Clinic commencing Tuesday 4th October


Georgia is a physiotherapist, graduating from Curtin University in 2013.  She has experience in treating patients in both private practice and the hospital system.  Georgia is currently completing her Masters of Physiotherapy in Continence and Women's Health.  She is passionate about providing care for women in the antenatal and postnatal period. Gerogia has an interest in treating men and women with bladder and bowel dysfunction, the treatment of pelvic organ prolapse, pelvic pain and sexual dysfunction.  Georgia also has considerable experience in teaching clinical Pilates. Outside of physiotherapy, Georgia enjoys cooking, playing netball and taking trips home to the farm.

Georgia currently practices at our Shenton Park clinic

Prof. Steven Linton world leading pain psychologist visits Body Logic


Prof. Steven Linton held an education workshop with Body Logic last weekend on "Unraveling the role of psychological factors in pain"

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Body Logic Physio have linked with pain expert professor Steven Linton over the weekend in an education workshop keeping us at the clinical edge when it comes to treating pain problems.

Professor Linton is a world leading pain psychologist who is the developer of the Orebro Screening Tool that we use at Body Logic to help better understand our patients’ pain issues and assist in the best possible outcome.

Body Logic prides itself on our communication and this was emphasised with Professor Linton’s key points in working with pain.


Welcome Emma Kirkaldy to our Womens Health Team at Body Logic

We would like to welcome Emma to our Women's Health team at Bodylogic

Emma K


Emma Kirkaldy holds postgraduate qualifications in continence and womens health from Curtin University.

Emma’s interests include ante and postnatal care, management of incontinence, bladder and bowel dysfunction, pelvic organ prolapse, pelvic pain and female sexual dysfunction.

Emma has been invited to give sessional lectures at Curtin University for the Postgraduate Course at Curtin University, regularly presents to other health professionals and is involved in the clinical supervision of undergraduate physiotherapystudents.

Emma currently practices at our Shenton Park clinic


We would like to welcome Madeline Crouch to our Body Logic team!

Welcome Mady who commenced with Body Logic at our Bethesda Practice on 22nd August 2016


Madeline is a Physiotherapist and Exercise Sport Scientist with post graduate qualifications in both Musculoskeletal and Sports Physiotherapy. She completed her degrees in Physiotherapy and Exercise Sport Science in 2012 at the University of Notre Dame and has gone on to her masters degrees at Griffith University. 

Madeline’s passion for Physiotherapy developed at a very young age as she pursued a career in professional dance and had close contact with physiotherapy at this time. Most recently, Madeline has worked in the public health sector, managing complex musculoskeletal pain and rehabilitation of post-surgical cases. Alongside this role, she has gained experience in track and field via the QAS, NRL with the Gold Coast Titans, AFL and has recently commenced work with the Kookaburra’s. 

Her clinical areas of interest include dance injuries, overuse injuries, spinal and pelvic pain, injury management in adolescent athletes and post-operative rehabilitation. She uses her knowledge of strength and conditioning and exercise rehabilitation alongside fine tuned manual therapy skills to ensure optimal injury management, prevention and high performance. 

Madeline currently practices at our Bethesda Practice.

Welcome Rory Kelly to our Body Logic Team!

Welcome Rory who commenced with Body Logic on the 22nd August 2016

Rory Photo

Rory completed his undergraduate physiotherapy degree in the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, before moving to Perth to complete his postgraduate Masters of Clinical Physiotherapy at Curtin University in 2014. He has worked both in private practice and as a team physiotherapist in Ireland and Australia. Here he has gained expertise in managing pain and injury in both sporting and non-sporting populations.

Rory has a keen interest and expertise in persistent musculoskeletal conditions, particularly neck, lower back and hip pain. He also holds an interest in rehabilitating long-standing sporting injuries, and is currently undertaking a PhD in the University of Notre Dame, where he will investigate risk factors of overuse injuries in triathletes.

Away from work, Rory enjoys triathlon training himself and competes (very casually!) in a number of races around Perth each year.

Rory currently practices at our Shenton Park Practice.

Leon looking after our olympians in Rio!

Leon working hard at the 2016 Rio Olympics

Congratulations to Rhys and Kym!


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Judith's Comments in the Weekend West "World Continence Week""

Judith comments in the Weekend West Inside Cover "Shake Fix Myth"

Judith talks about how men rarely talk about the condition but could go along way towards preventing it by seeing a continence physiotherapist.

For more information on this article please click on the link Inside Cover

JP Caneiro's research in "How we walk affects what we remember...?

JP Caneiro making the news again!  
For more information on this article please click on the link BodyinMind.org



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