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Professor Lorimer Moseley Lecture 27 Aug at Curtin University

Lorimer Moseley 27 Aug 2014

Ideas to practice:
Professor Lorimer Moseley and Professor Peter O’Sullivan and their respective research groups are embarking on an exciting new collaboration, emphasising the integration of clinical observation and intrigue, with scientific method and rigour. Over the top? Perhaps, but more importantly, ‘Observe, Test, Treat’.  Both Lorimer and Peter are clinicians and researchers with an international reputation for innovation and rigour.  They have decided to launch the OTT collaboration in order to combine resources, with the first seminar in a new interstate programme, called ‘Ideas into practice’.

This first seminar, by Professor Lorimer Moseley is called “The Body in Mind: Disruption of the brain’s maps of body and space in chronic pain.” Funds generated from the seminars are being used for pain research.
Here is the abstract:
The link between how our body feels, and how it actually is, is something we tend to take for granted. That is, until things start to go awry. In this talk Lorimer will describe some of the developments in our understanding of this relationship and how this relationship seems to hold, even when both our body, and what it feels like, has gone awry. He will present the concept of ‘The cortical body matrix’ as a model with which to make sense of these developments and to float the idea that we might be able to influence the relationship in all three directions – top-down, bottom-up and crossways.  For example, he will present a range of pilot study data, unpublished and as such a bit speculative, that suggest we can alter motor control by modulating brain-held maps of space; that we can change swelling by messing with vision; that we can modulate immune responses by manipulating sense of body ownership.
Don’t miss this unique opportunity to hear Lorimer, support pain research, contribute your ideas and take something new and exciting away with you.
Registration & Payment:

A map of the university campus is attached. However, if you get lost click here: http://lostoncampus.com.au/5334


Please Welcome Michelle Du Plessis, Rosalyn Findlay & Todd Lonie to the Body Logic Team

As we sadly farewell our beloved Tim Brennan and Gemma Montefiore we welcome Michelle Du Plessis, Rosalyn Findlay and Todd Lonie to the Body Logic Physiotherapy Team!

To read about our fantastic new Physiotherapy team members click on the links above.

Preventing Injury for Teens classes at Bethesda Claremont with Nicole - Term 3, 2014.

Doing specific sporting strength exercises can help prevent injuries. Nicole Robb is offering 'Prehab for Teens' in Term 3, 2014: Tuesdays 4-5pm & Fridays 7-8am to help teach kids aged 10-18 strength, coordination, flexibility and endurance techniques to prevent injuries before they occur.

For more info please open the link attached: Prehab for Teens with Nicole Robb

Call our Bethesda clinic to book today: 9230 6310

ABC - Teenage years risky for sports injuries - Cathy Johnson - 27/06/14

Lauren Shelley - Massage for Athletes Workshops 2014 Part 2

Post Graduate Sports Physiotherapist and marathon champion Lauren Shelley is running 'Self Massage for Runners Practical Workshops' again throughout the duration of 2014.
Open the link for dates and details: Self Massage for Athletes Practical Workshops 2014.

Professor Peter O'Sullivan ranks in at number 9 researcher of low back pain in the world according to expertscape.com

On expertscape.com, a website that assesses the expertise of clinical professionals worldwide, Body Logic's own Professor Peter O'Sullivan ranks in at number 9 researcher of low back pain in the world.

This worldwide ranking of expertise into low back pain is based on contribution to research, continuing education, practice and published works.
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person.

FYI: Class Changes at Bethesda



Michael WMichael Williams will now be working on Mondays and Wednesdays only at Body Logic Physiotherapy Bethesda. Michael will work from our Shenton Park practice Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from here on in.

Victoria Simpson will be taking over Michael’s Tuesday morning classes from Tuesday 10th June onwards with a few changes:

6.00am Tuesday S&C           -           same

7.00am Tuesday S&C           -           cancelled

8.00am Tuesday S&C           -           cancelled
                                                      now Pilates

9.00am Tuesday S&C           -           same

Victoria will also be adding a new Pilates class on Tuesday mornings at 10.00am along with the 8.00am S&C class changing to a Pilates class.

Shani Blay will be taking over Michael’s Thursday morning 6.00am S&C class from Thursday 12th June onwards.

Michael’s Thursday 12.00pm & 1.00pm S&C classes have been permanently cancelled.

Thank you,


Nicole Robb volunteering at 2014 Rotary Team Challenge event

Well done to Body Logic Physiotherapist Nicole Robb and 4th year Curtin Physiotherapy Student Shannen Kennedy for volunteering at the 2014 Rotary Team Challenge event. This year the target was to raise $50, 000 for the Multiple Sclerosis Society of WA (MSWA) and the current fundraising total stands at $50,360!! Great work volunteering your time toward such a good cause.


Peter O'Sullivan presenting around the globe

Peter's been busy over the past few weeks presenting at conferences around Europe and discussing innovative Physiotherapy treatments with some of the best minds from around the globe. Keep it up Pete! Peter was a guest speaker in the UK just last week.


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